Hartman, Ellen, Out of Bounds


Hartman, Ellen, Out of Bounds (The Fallon Brothers, Book 2),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2012).

Title:  Out of Bounds (The Fallon Brothers, Book 2)

Author:  Ellen Hartman

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Self Esteem


Former basketball star Wes Fallon owes his brother everything. So when Deacon asks him to track down some missing charitable donations, Wes is on it. For the first time, the accident that ended his career looks like a godsend…until Wes encounters Posy Jones.

Posy is unlike any woman he’s ever met. She’s beautiful, intelligent and can hold her own on the court. But she’s clearly keeping something from him. As he digs deeper into the missing funds, his gut tells him what she’s hiding is tied to it. Will he be forced to choose between the woman he’s falling in love with and the brother he would risk anything for? Hopefully not…because his choice might surprise them all.

Dear Reader,

Every time I start a book, one scene cracks it open for me, showing me the characters and helping to shape their story.  For Wes Fallon and Posy James, that scene was their first encounter on the basketball court.  Until I wrote their game, I didn’t realize Posy was afraid to be her authentic self or how deep her longing was to find a guy who’d love her just the way she was.  From the second Posy gave Wes a shove that was a bit too hard and then immediately felt uncomfortable in her own skin, she became one of my heroines.  I wanted her to win.  (And not only at basketball).

Out of Bounds is about characters who aren’t sure they’re lovable.  From Posy, the heroine who suspects she’s too intense for a relationship; to Wes, who got shuffled through too many homes as a kid and never understood why; to Angel, the poodle-mix with the heart of an anarchist, these characters struggled to trust.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Extras including behind-the-scenes info, deleted scenes and details about my other books are on my website:  www.ellenhartman.com.  I blog with the Harlequin Superromance authors at www.superauthors.com, and I’m on Facebook.  Send email to ellen@ellenhartman.com.  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy reading!

Ellen Hartman


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