Gordon, Lucy, The Secret That Changed Everything


Gordon, Lucy, The Secret That Changed Everything (The Larkville Legacy, Book 6),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Mills & Boon, 2013).

Title:  The Secret That Changed Everything (The Larkville Legacy, Book 6)

Author:  Lucy Gordon

Imprint:  Cherish

Issues:  Bereavement; Parenthood


One night in Rome…

Tired of being in the shadow of her prettier, more popular sisters, Charlotte Patterson decides to leave Manhattan behind and discover just what Italy’s la dolce vita has to offer – good food, fine wine…delicious men?

But even Charlotte’s Roman holiday can’t help her escape a devastating family secret back in Larkville, Texas, and she finds herself seeking solace in the arms of mysterious widower Lucio Constello. Unable to deny their attraction, they share one intensely passionate night together – a night that will affect them more than they could possibly imagine…

Dear Reader,

Writing a book as part of a series about a whole family is particularly fascinating because we come to know so much of the heroine’s background.

As we grow up the influences that shape us are so many and so varied that it’s hard to see the real person without knowing about them.  Much of Charlotte’s life has been one thing while seeming to be another.  She comes from a happy, loving family with two parents, two sisters and a brother.  What could be better?

But she’s tormented by the feeling of being the odd one out, less attractive and talented than the others, and her adventurous spirit has sometimes left her to act rebelliously.  Seeking escape, she takes off for a year in Italy.  But in Rome she learns of a shattering family secret, and finds that she’s the last to know.

Devastated, she falls into the arms of Lucio, a fiercely attractive Italian.  But their night together results in a baby.  Lucio is glad-but is it her that he wants or only the child?  And how much is he driven by a past even more troubled than her own?  Won’t she, once again, be the odd one out?

Perhaps she will never know his true feelings for her.  Or perhaps a family reunion will unexpectedly give her the answer she can only dream of.

With best wishes,

Lucy Gordon


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