Fox, Roz Denny, She Walks the Line


Fox, Roz Denny, She Walks the Line (Women in Blue, Book 5),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2005).

Title:  She Walks the Line (Women in Blue, Book 5)

Author:  Roz Denny Fox

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues:  Estrangement; Interracial Relationship; Parenthood


She’s not only a cop, she’s a woman from a traditional Chinese family. Mei Lu Ling’s parents strongly disapprove of her career, but she’s determined not to let her personal life interfere with her work – especially now that she’s been handed a case involving the theft of Chinese antiquities. A case that may implicate her father…

Maintaining the precarious balance between her private and professional lives becomes even more difficult when she’s assigned to work with Cullen Archer, an insurance investigator with ties to Interpol. Mei finds Cullen, single father of eight-year-old twins, far too attractive for her peace of mind. But she’s thrilled that Cullen is just as attracted to her – even if falling in love complicates everything else in her life!

Dear Reader,

It’s always exciting to be asked to participate in a continuity within the Harlequin SuperRomance line.  It means individual authors have an opportunity to work closely with fellow writers to develop a group of loosely connected stories.  Women in Blue is one of these.

My story, like the other five in this continuity, is first and foremost a love story about two people whose lives are enriched after their paths cross.  Mei Lu Ling is a Houston cop attached to the White Collar Crimes division.  Her family owns and operates a prestigious import and export firm dealing with high-end Asian art.  She left the family business, electing instead to become a police officer.  She went through the training academy with five other women:  they formed close ties.  The five friends understood Mei’s problems with her family and helped her cope with an ever-widening estrangement.  So it came as a blow when an unforeseen situation (described in the first book of the series) caused the women to pull away from one another.

Suddenly the police chief (one of the original six “women in blue”) assigns Mei Lu to special duty as a Chinese-language translator for Cullen Archer.  He’s an insurance investigator working with Interpol to break up a smuggling ring that’s moving national treasures out of China.  Mei Lu is drawn to Cullen, but she initially has doubts that center on his ex-wife.  Mei is also drawn to his adorable twins.  Cullen, meanwhile, tries not to suspect Mei’s father or her brother of being involved.  Throughout the story, events conspire to bring them together-and keep them apart.

I hope readers will want to read about all the individual struggles faced by these six friends, the Women in Blue.

Roz Denny Fox

I love to hear from readers.  You can reach me at P.O. Box 17480-101, Tucson, AZ 85731 or via my website,


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