Brewer, Rogenna, Midway Between You and Me


Brewer, Rogenna, Midway Between You and Me (A SEAL with a Kiss, Book 3),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2002).


Title:  Midway Between You and Me (A SEAL with a Kiss, Book 3)

Author:  Rogenna Brewer

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues: Interracial Relationship


She doesn’t love a man in uniform

Professor Tam Nguyen knows that most women dream of a handsome, broad-shouldered military man. But she can never forget that the man who abandoned her pregnant mother in the middle of a war zone wore a uniform. 

Of course, that’s before she meets Lieutenant Bowie Prince and gets to know the man behind the uniform. Once he sets out to change her mind, she finds him hard to resist. Until she discovers he holds the key to her father’s identity .

Dear Reader,

In the summer of 1976 my grandfather took me to see the movie Midway.  Three years later, in October of 1979, I had the privilege of meeting retired Navy pilot George Gay and hearing his firsthand account-in the movie, he’s the guy who watched the battle of Midway unfold from the water.

Both left indelible impressions on me.  I had entered the Navy between seeing the movie and meeting George, and I couldn’t wait to get there!  In the summer of 1980 I shipped out to Midway Islands, and to this day it remains my favourite duty station.

In 1988 Midway Islands became a national wildlife refuge wile still under the jurisdiction of the Navy.  In 1993 the Navy closed its base of operation altogether.  And by 1996 the transition to the Department of Interior was complete.

At a formal ceremony in April 1997 the Secretary of the Navy described the changing mission of Midway Islands as a transition from “guns to gooneys”.  This is my purely fictional account of that transition.  If in reading this story you can’t tell fact from fiction, then I’ve done my job!


Rogenna Brewer

P.S.  If I were writing about my actual experiences on Midway Islands, oh, the stories I could tell!


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