Bliss, Karina, Bring Him Home


Bliss, Karina, Bring Him Home (Special Forces, Book 3),  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2012).

Title:  Bring Him Home (Special Forces, Book 3)

Author:  Karina Bliss

Imprint:  Superromance

Issues: Bereavement; PTSD


Former soldier Nathan Wyatt had no choice but to leave his army buddy to die, a secret that’s still tearing him apart.

Two years on, he’s in Hollywood prostituting his war medal for work as a bodyguard to the stars when his best friend’s widow drags him home to fulfil his neglected responsibilities to her family trust. When he discovers Claire can’t forgive her late husband for breaking a crucial promise, Nate sees his path to salvation. He’ll be his buddy’s advocate, secure Steve’s place in his wife’s memory. The last thing he intends is to find himself in a love triangle with his dead best friend.

Will admitting the truth – all of it – set him free, or alienate the woman he’s come to passionately love?

Dear Reader,

Bring Him Home, is the third book in a series exploring the impact of an ambush in Afghanistan on the lives of its survivors-three Special Forces soldiers plus the widow and bereaved fiancée of the two men killed.

Back in civilian life, each hero deals with the aftermath differently, but needs the right woman’s love to truly move on.  In Bring Him Home, Nathan Wyatt’s right woman is the widow of his best friend.  To make things even tougher for him, I gave Nate a catch-22 situation during the ambush, which means Claire is the last woman he should fall in love with.  In fact, it’s the story of a love triangle, a man trying to reconcile a woman to her husband’s fateful choice, a choice she’s having trouble forgiving.  In the process Nate finds both love and redemption.

I lost a dear friend, Harlequin Desire author Sandra Hyatt, while writing this book.  A decade ago Sandra, Abby Gaines, Tessa Radley and I formed a writing support group, the Writegals.  The job description for a Writegal was critique partner, cheerleader, sympathy giver, partner in crime, info exchanger and kick-in-the-pantser.  We all struggled through our journey to publication together, one by one getting The Call and each achieving our dream of being published with Harlequin Books.

Sandra was a wonderful person and a gifted writer, and her passing reconfirmed one of the themes inherent in this series, and in particular Bring Him Home.  Love can transcend death.  And if grief must be the price of having extraordinary people in our lives, then pay it, and pay it gladly.

Karina Bliss


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