Andrews, Amy, The Most Expensive Night of Her Life


Andrews, Amy, The Most Expensive Night of Her Life,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  The Most Expensive Night of Her Life

Author:  Amy Andrews

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues: Amputee; PTSD


Her million-pound question! 

Supermodel Ava Kelly is more used to luxury yachts than London canal boats. But she desperately needs a refuge from the paparazzi and delectable Blake Walker’s boat will provide the perfect bolt-hole. This brooding ex-soldier is bound to rescue her, right…? 

Wrong. Pampered princess Ava is the last person Blake wants in his personal space—she’s far too tempting! But with a million-pound charity donation hanging in the balance Blake can’t say no. Now that Ava’s close enough to touch, keeping his hands off her is pretty difficult, too! Maybe money isn’t the only thing at stake this Christmas…

Dear Reader,

I’ve always had a secret hankering to do a bodyguard story.  I just adore the trope.  And, whilst this book isn’t a typical bodyguard scenario, I hope you like my take on it-because I’ve had Ava and Blake in my head in various incantations for a long time now, and it was great to finally get them down on paper.

I had a lot of fun taking mega-rich, mega-spoiled supermodel Ava and shoving her on a tiny canal boat in the UK with the only man on the planet who seems impervious to her charms.  I had even more fun needling private, serious, returned soldier Blake with the temptation of a woman who has absolutely no problem with baring acres of skin or leaving her lingerie all over his floating home.

I’m pleased I let Ava and Blake marinate, though.  Had I written their story years ago, I don’t think they’d have had the emotional complexity they do today.  Because underneath Ava’s hard, demanding surface is a woman who can’t trust.  And beneath Blake’s tough pragmatic shell is a man whose physical limitations cripple him emotionally.

Which only makes their HEA even more rewarding!

I hope you enjoy their journey to love.  Oh, and London at Christmas!


Amy xx


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