Andrews, Amy, Driving Her Crazy


Andrews, Amy, Driving Her Crazy,  (Richmond, Surrey:  Harlequin (UK) Limited, 2013).

Title:  Driving Her Crazy

Author:  Amy Andrews

Imprint:  Modern Tempted (KISS)

Issues:  Body Image; Eating Disorder; PTSD


Journalist Sadie Bliss is on a mission to prove herself as a world-class reporter. But three things stand in her way…  

  1. Dangerously mouthwatering photographer Kent Nelson-he’s far too brooding and arrogant. 
  1. A road trip across the Outback with the above distraction-did she mention she doesn’t do sleeping under the stars? 
  1. An insatiable longing to throw her rule book out of the car window… Because what happens in the Outback stays in the Outback. Right?



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